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  • Disconnect and lock-out all power sources during installation as SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH can result from electrical shock due to contact with high voltage conductors.
  • Ensure all installations are in compliance with applicable electrical codes and that installation is completed by a qualified installer familiar with the standards and proper safety procedures for high voltage installation.
  • Never rely on status indicating devices only to determine if power is present in a conductor.
  • Ensure that the output circuit to be switched in within the device switch ratings.
  • Ensure that the selectable range selection jumper has been set to the correct position for the current being monitored.
  • Excessive current can damage the sensor.
  • Install the split core unit over the conductor to be monitored and close the sensor until it latches, ensuring that the two halves are properly aligned. Operation of the sensor may be impaired if any dirt particles prevent proper contact between the core pieces when the device is closed.
  • Mount the device in a suitable location for using the two mounting holes on the base of the unit.
  • The conductor may be looped more than once through the sensor to multiply the sensitivity, but be aware that this also divides the maximum currents.
  • Connect the device to the two screw terminals using ring or fork type terminals.
  • The switches are not polarity sensitive and operate as a "dry contact".


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