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Current Sensors - About Katy Instruments Sales 
Katy Instruments, located in Houston, Texas, has been a leading manufacturer of precision A.C. current sensors since 1986.  Our isolated, two-wire transmitters make measuring amperage simple, fast and accurate, without the inconvenience of recalibration. 
Katy Instruments current sensors are encased in metal which enhances their durability while still allowing for the best RFI rejection possible.  In addition, our products maximum response time of 150 milliseconds enables you to receive critical feedback with the speed and dependability you want and need.
Our wide selection of products accommodate A.C. currents up to 1500 Amps, and condutor cables up to two inches in diameter.  We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and customer service, and Katy Instruments will make the necessary adjustments to meet your particular specifications on request.
The model 420S weights only three fourths of an ounce and is one of the smallest current sensors on the market today.  Like all Katy Instruments sensors, it has an extended temperature range of -25°C to 85°C.  This light-weight sensor is designed to be used with any standard C.T. (xxx to 5), making the 420s an economical buy.


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